Product Warranty

We promise to guarantee all Pretty Please Teethers products for up to 3-6 months (depending on lifespan) of when your product was delivered and or purchased at local retailer. If your product is damaged within the guaranteed lifespan of the product. We will replace if damage is a not caused by normal ware and tear.

 Product lifespan:
  • Teethers, Clips, & Pacifiers -3 months 
  • Snack Cups, Bibs, & Nesting toys - 6 months

Please email info@prettypleaseteethers with your:

  • Order number 
  • Description of product
  • Photo of damaged products


Returns, refunds, exchanges and replacements will not be honored after 3 months for teething products and 6 months for our lets play & lets eat collection purchase. Why 3-6 months? We offer a 3-6 month warranty as we recommend to replace your teethers and teething accessories every 3-6 months for sanitary reasons. 

Pretty Please Teethers reserves the right to reject compensation at any time. Claim assessments will take place on an individual basis. Abuse of services {multiple claims filed} will result in the removal of one’s purchasing privileges with Pretty Please Teethers LLC