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Hvid - Knit Pacifier Holders

Hvid - Knit Pacifier Holders

Knit Pacifier Holders 
Knit Pacifier Holder - Pretty Please Teethers x HVID


Handmade in Belgium from our friends at HVID. Our Knit pacifier holders are by far one of my favorite item in the shop. 

Made from a husband and wife team. Hvid is a soft knitwear brand offering long lasting goods for your little ones. They use merino wool for all their products. Merino wool is thermoregulating, which makes their products wearable during all seasons. This exceptional soft wool makes you warm when it’s cold and cools you down when it’s hot, and that makes it perfect for newborns, babies and toddlers.

Their timeless designs are made to last and pass on. They also use a knitting factory is a small family business in Belgium, half an hour from where they live. All items are finished in the atelier at home. They put lots of energy in making your products like our Knit Pacifier Holders hoping they will be cherished by many families.


Knit Pacifier Holder off-white & Modern Pacifier - Pretty Please Teethers x HVID

About Merino Wool: 

Unlike regular wool, merino wool does not itch thanks to its higher density (more wool hairs per square cm than with traditional wool).
The hair is often 10 times thinner than normal sheep hair. In addition, it feels much softer which prevents irritation to the skin.
This makes our products so wonderfully soft and they are perfect for sensitive skin and very suitable for baby products.


Another nice feature of this wool is that it does not smell when used intensively. The wool is naturally self-cleaning.

You think a substance that is self-cleaning is not possible, right? Anyway. The fiber contains lanolin. When this gets a little damp, the lanolin is converted into lanolin soap, which is a natural antibacterial.

Since bacteria play a major role in a sweat odor, you stay smelling fresh. Also useful for milk odors... Due to its fine structure, the wool repels bacteria and is therefore very easy to maintain.

So you don't have to wash products with merino wool as often. The more often you wash, the less lanolin and therefore less protection.

Merino wool is a natural product that is very durable. A product made with merino wool will last for years.




For babies it is not yet possible to regulate their own body temperature as adults can. The wool is perfect for both winter and summer. Merino wool creates a microclimate around your baby, so that they always have a constant temperature. In summer, water is absorbed from your baby's skin. In winter, it absorbs the cold air and circulates warm air, keeping your baby warm. A constant appropriate temperature gives the baby a better chance of deeper and restful sleep. Several studies have shown that babies who sleep in merino cry less, sleep longer, eat better and gain weight faster. Merino wool also has more fiber in the weave, which means it traps more small air particles and insulates well. It can also absorb 30% of its own weight in moisture and then allow this moisture to flow away from the body, keeping the wearer dry and comfortable. Merino wool breathes much better than, for example, cotton and other man-made yarns. This ensures that moisture evaporates better and overheating is prevented. You can compare it to a second skin that adapts to different circumstances.



• Best for allergies, for softness

• Odor resistant 

• Flame resistant

• Warm in winter, cool in summer

• Higher UV protection than other fabrics

• Elastic



Wash merino wool as little as possible; it is better to let it 'air out'.

• Use a wool detergent and hand wash or wool wash program.

• Do not use fabric softeners.

• Do not tumble dry


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