Kindness... Is the language which the deaf can hear and the blind can see" ---Mark Twain

Our "Be Kind" collection is a reminder that kindness should be shown to any shade of skin tone.  That kindness is something we need to teach our children daily. That equality is universal to us all.

100% of our Be Kind || Collection proceeds are donated.


NAACP Salt Lake Branch

50% of our profits from Be kind Collection will go to NAACP - NAACP Salt Lake Branch is a civil rights organization based in Salt Lake City, Utah. We focus on civil rights issues surrounding discrimination against United States citizens while providing college and youth scholarships that help our members avoid the traps of discriminatory loans and lending practices.

Total donated $2500

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50% of our Profits from Be Kind Collection will go to Youthlinc  - The Youthlinc Service Year curriculum is designed to engage youth actively in local and global humanitarian efforts and give them the leadership skills and experience to begin to make a difference in their own communities.

Total Donated $2500

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